Rounded face without surgery


Many girls suffer from facial slim even if they suffer from fats, and that is because of overwork and lack of sleep and non-healthy nutrition.
To solve this problem, and returns radiance and youthfulness of your face, advise you to follow these natural mixture:
- A tablespoon of yeast.
- A teaspoon of honey.
- A tablespoon of yogurt.
- A teaspoon of wheat.
- Two points of the fenugreek oil.

- Mix all the above ingredients.
- Put it on your face for half an hour, wash your face with warm water and dried before placing mask to lighten the pores of the skin and ease of absorption material placed on it.
- Leave the mask for half an hour and then rubbed on the face and wash off with lukewarm water.
- preferably before bedtime to get the best results.

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Keep your hair healthy under your veil


The most difficult problem that veiled women always face is the problems caused by their veil like hair loss and damage, but fact is that you can make your hair healthy if you take care of it by the right way to save it from any unusual changes caused by hair cover for long periods.

Follow these simple steps and keep your hair shiny and healthy:

1. The fabric plays a very important role in maintaining your hair. It should be able to fully absorb sweat so it is advisable to wear the cotton veil.

2. Decrease the layers of the veil to make your hair breathing, one layer is enough.

3. If your hair is long, avoid to tight it strongly, rather try to leave it loose under the veil to save it from damage.

4. Avoid wearing dark color scarves if you intend to spend a long time in the sun. They absorb sunlight more than light-colored veils do.

5. Comb your hair before wearing your veil and use a wide tooth comb. This step improves the blood circulation in the scalp, giving hair healthy look.

Stays tuned for our next article from Sheikha Shopping and stay beautyful!

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Feel Your Confidence In Just Five Minutes


There is many times we lost our confidence and faith,
However there are many simple ways help us to refresh and relax!

Follow these simple steps and refresh yourself:

1- Look at the mirror and say something positive about yourself, for example: something about your personality, look….

2- Go for a new look, find a way to change your look with something simple like a new hair color or style.

3- Spend some time with your family and share something funny with them.

4- Award yourself with something you love, chocolate, cake or ice-cream

5- You are you, So expect yourself however you are fat, skinny, tall or short.

6- Be happy and look gorgeous

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Make Your Abaya Fashionable In Just a Few Steps

Your look is as important as your Islamic tradition.Make other people wonder how beautiful you are with your Islamic outfit, and make your Abaya fashionable injust a few simple steps:

1) Your Abaya is supposed to be black and it sounds boring for many people; however you can choose an Abaya with special, different, cool handcraft and buttons colors.

2) Complete your look with different styles of accessories that will add a nice look to your Abaya outfit.

3) Choose different fabrics for your Abaya to feel different.

4) Your Veil is an important part for your look so follow us to learn many different ways to do your veil.

4) Finally your smile and your confidence are your guide to perfection.

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“Good morning beautiful”… I said to myself

One of our dreams to wake up with a soft hair, shine skin, healthy eye and lips… So why is that so hard?

Follow these steps and wake up beautiful every day,

For your hair: You have to brush your hair every night before bed time and don’t forget to apply the night moisturizer like olive oil on the roots of your hair before sleeping.

For  your skin: Wash your face before sleeping and if you were wearing a makeup you must remove it with a soft cotton pad and make up remover, after cleaning your skin apply your face moisturizer and your eye cream to keep them shine.

For your teeth and lips: Brush your teeth daily evening, apply your organic lip balm, and be ready every morning beautiful.

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The Right Way to Apply Foundation

You should believe that knowing the defects of your face – as experts say – is the first step to choose the correct method of the right make-up, which conceals these defects and gives you a bright and perfect look. You must know how to hide the defects that comes between you and your beauty and prevents you from appearing in the most beautiful picture.

The beauty experts provided some tips in order to help you in the selection of the appropriate foundation to the type and color of your skin, but there are also some assets to use and correctly apply the foundation to look as if the skin is naturally clear, bright, and soft because the main purpose of foundation is to cover skin imperfections.

Step One: After wiping the face by a wet sponge, put a bit of the liquid foundation on the palm of your hand from the outside and then begin to distribute light touches of the foundation to fit with the period of the day. And if it’s evening, then add more foundation touches. For distribution on the skin put two touches on the forehead, 3 on the cheeks, one touch on the nose and one on the chin. The distribution of the foundation on the face in this way can help you get the best result and a perfect coverage.

Step Two: Use your fingers to apply the foundation for a natural result and to reduce the fatty secretions that come out when you are out in the hot climate. Begin rubbing in the foundation on your face using your fingers, this will help you in better control of distribution and prevents the skin from absorbing make-up as what happens when you use a sponge or brush.

Step Three: Using a sponge, start adding foundation to the neck, ears and the hair line so as to eliminate any clear lines, because the sponge has the ability to drag the cream and spread it to those areas in the best way and this is to avoid any differences in color around the face from any part.

Step four: To hide any defects or the black rings under the eye choose a concealer appropriate to the color beneath the eye that can also be used on stains and pimples to match the color of your skin. Don’t apply the concealer firmly to your skin, but by a simple massage with your fingers. Put it gently and mingle it with the foundation so that they become one and no color difference is noticed.

Step five: complete your perfect look by gently using some powder relevant to your skin color, with a focus on the area under the eyes to hide any skin imperfections as powder fixes the foundation to the skin and absorbs the fats resulting from excessive sweating for many hours.

When applying powder also focus on the areas of:  forehead, eyelids, nose, and chin because they are the sweatiest parts in the face and make sure that the powder is suitable for the type and color of your skin.


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Choose The Right Make-up Brush

Make-up brushes vary in shape and size and you can always use the brush that makes you feel better. While some cosmetics are preferred to be applied by the fingers rather than brushes. Always make sure of the quality of the brush by passing it over the skin of your hand and stretch it to see the number of hairs that come out of it, if many hairs came out, it means that it will not last long, and vice versa. Brushes in general help you to apply make up in a better way and help to control the colors, and clean the excessive Make-up.

Types of make-up brushes:

1 – The Foundation Brush

With this brush you can distribute the foundation on your face.

2 – The Concealer Brush

It is a solid brush with strong hairs and almost convex forefront in order to reach the narrow areas.

3 – The Blusher brush

It is used for the distribution of blusher. It must be medium-sized, with soft and dense hairs, round or flattened on both sides, and the more the brush bristles are soft, the more natural red cheeks you get.

4 – Eye Shadow Brush

The bristles of this brush should be many, short and round.

5 – The Brush of distributing light colors under the brow bone

A small brush to distribute the bright light shadow under the brow or to distribute illumination.

6 – The Eye-liner Brush

This brush with its straight line makes you draw the greatest eye, whether with the liquid or creamy eye-liner or even with Arabian KOHL.

7- “Remove the Excessive” Brush

Use this brush to remove the shadow falling on the face or the excess powder and also use it for the dissemination of light under the eye.

8 – The Lipstick Brush

With this brush you can line and distribute the lipstick on your lips in order to get more glamorous and attractive lips.

You can get all these brushes and more when you buy the DELUXE BRUSH SET or the TRAVEL BRUSH SET.

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Makeup Fashion For 2012

The spring and summer season is characterized by a make-up which doesn’t last throughout the day due to summer heat, so the make-up wanders quickly. So spring and summer seasons are the most suitable period for the experience of more brilliant and long-lasting make-up colors that challenge the temperature.

Although the simple make-up is the trend of this season. But we also find the contrary; there is a trend of strong and explicit make-up for a look full of beauty that radiates and glow. And there is no median between both, either simple dreamy colors or bold, flagrant colors with smokey shadows on the eyelids and fireworks lip colors and intensification of eyelashes.

And with the powerful dark make-up your look will change and you will be quite attractive.

There are some steps that must be followed to apply strong make-up:

1 – First you must clean your face and add a clear layer of ivory or marble color foundation to give yourself a light, pale skin.

2 – After that evenly distribute the powder and with a broad brush discard the excess.

3 – After getting that base, start lining your eyes with a black eye-pen. If your eyes are wide, add the liner to the inside of the lower lid of the eye. While if your eyes are narrow, then the liner should be external.

4 – After that add the eye-liner to the upper lid above the eyelashes and pull the line out up.

5 – Start with the distribution of eye shades choosing colors selected from the dark palette. Under the eyebrows, as well as under the eyes, add a light color to get a point of lighting.

6 – Add more volume to your lashes or put artificial ones for a more intense look.

7 – Distribute the blusher to your cheeks by adding a moderate color on the protruding bones on both sides of your face.

Then seal that make-up masterpiece with a lipstick that highlights the beauty of your lips with a dark red, crimson red or fuchsia color without a gloss and you have to choose consistent colors in shadows and lips, if the eyes are varying between brown and ivory then a lipstick with dark brown, coral or oxide color will be perfect. If it was black or grey and pink then lips should be painted with red. The most important thing is that the colors are bold and the lines are sharp.

For long-lasting natural, organic or halal cosmetics visit our shop Sheikha-Shopping.

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The Importance of Removing Make-up

Our skin is the most exposed part of our body, specially our faces. Every day we face the enemies of our environment, we absorb the pollutants and UV rays that damage the tissues of our skin.

There is no doubt that make-up has definitely become a part of our lives, but despite the glow that the make-up provides to our skin, if proper habits aren’t practiced, in terms of removal, then make-up as well will be another enemy to be added to the list.

Here are some tips for Proper Make-up Removal:

Step One: You will have to begin with the make-up on and around the eyes, because the most difficult thing is removing mascara. Especially if it is waterproof. Don’t be harsh with your eyes because they are very sensitive. Use baby shampoo and extra-virgin olive oil because they are both gentle and also very helpful. Apply a few drops on a cotton ball and softly massage to clean the eye region.

Step Two: For the rest of the face use a facial cleanser, Skin cleansers exfoliate the surface skin cells and help your skin to attain the correct nourishment and breathe up.

Step Three: When you finish cleansing, don’t forget to moisturize. Choose a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type.

The only thing that each and every woman likes to have is a youthful face. The overnight left make-up makes the face dull and wrinkled. So, fight for your skin and don’t leave it up out of laziness or tiredness because it’s your duty to protect your face.

You can always do your skin a favor and check our great make-up removers:

Here is 2 high-quality, all natural makeup remover Two-Phase Make Up Remover and Advanced Make Up Remover.

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Most Cosmetics are Haram (Forbidden)

As Muslims, we live our lifes seeking for “Halal” objects (permissible to use), caring about choosing everything that is Halal and avoiding all the “Haram” ones (Forbidden to use) in order to follow our Shariah, the moral code and religious law of Islam.

A variety of substances are considered as harmful (Haram) for humans to consume and, therefore, forbidden as per various Quran verses like:

- Alcohol

- Pork

- Blood

Halal and Haram is not a lifestyle, it is a confirmation that what ALLAH S.W.T has designed for us is undoubtedly better, better for us both physically and spiritually; better for the animals we raise and eat; and better for the environment and the land we live on.

Many of the available cosmetics have a lot of animal products included in their ingredients and some of these products contain alcohol and even pig placenta.

Many Muslim women like me have been frustrated by wanting to look good and follow their faith. So, the concept of Halal cosmetics came to rest the minds of many Muslim women who didn’t feel comfortable praying with make-up on not knowing what was in there.

As Sheikha-Shopping knows the importance of Halal cosmetics to all women in the Arab countries, we offer products to help. Everything from lipstick to eyeliner and blusher – are made in strict accordance with Islamic law, using minerals instead of alcohol and animal products.

You can check our Halal Cosmetics at:

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