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Quality make up application starts with Mica Beauty professional brushes. With our high quality brush your makeup looks softer, more professional, and takes less time!

The Mica Beauty Deluxe Brush Set includes the following 10 luxurious brushes, designed by Mica Beauty makeup artists.

1 . Foundation powder Brush
2 . Powder blush brush
3 . Powder bronzer brush
4 . Large contour
5 . Small contour
6 . Flat definer brush
7 . Mini shade brush
8 . Angled eyeliner brush
9 . Lip Brush
10 . Point eye liner

Our brushes are 100% synthetic. Because the brushes are not made of animal hair, they won't leave bristles on your face while you are applying makeup. Furthermore, these brushes won't collect bacteria, irritate sensitive skin, or cause allergic reactions.


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1. Choose if you wanna give your measurements in inches or centimeter
2. Fill out all fields with the measurements you would receive for your Abaya
3. Click 'Confirm' button if you are done
Please note that the measurements you give will be the measurements of your Abaya that you will get and not your body measures.
The sizes depend as well on the design of the Abaya. So for some designs we actually need only the desired Abaya length and collar, the remaining sizes are then resulting from these two sizes. However please provide all the datas just in case you will order a different design next time, then you already have your measurements saved in your account. For the Measure-to-fit abayas please allow around 3-5 additional working days for delivery.
If you are not sure just double check with our Sizing Guide that shows you Standard Abaya Sizes.
Measures in

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