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  1. C CHIC SEXY - Brazilian Slip

    - Brazil slip - Light covering on the bottom - Completely transparent - Wear comfort on the waist and thigh thanks to the soft and flat made lace as border - Safe cutting form and wear comfort all day long   91% polyamid,9% elastan

  2. C CHIC SEXY - Shorty

    - Shorty, comfortable lower part every day - Covering line on the front and light lining on the bottom - Invisible and feminine ornamental lace on the bottom   91% polyamid,9% elastan

  3. C CHIC SEXY - Spacer Bra

    - Spacer bra with cup that lets the skin breath and gives a feeling of the lightness - Fine details: jewelry strap in plisse look and small strass details on the middle bridge   91% polyamid,9% elastan

  4. EVIDENCE - Middle Strap Bra

    - Middle strap bra, - Deep cut - Rounded neckline with plunge effect - The transparent upper cup of tulle lace edge provides a seductive light wear feeling - Tattoo effect on the skin: striped tulle underlain with light contrasting color fabric - Perfectly adapted cups for large busts, in the entire length, adjustable, wide strap   90% polyamid,10% elastan

  5. EVIDENCE - Shorty

    - Shorty, highlight of the series: - The lace edge is incorporated in front right below the stripe tulle - Trans-parent and feminine design: The back is completely made of tulle   90% polyamid,10% elastan

  6. EVIDENCE - Slip

    - Slip, highlight of the series: - The lace edge is incorporated in front right below the stripe tulle - The extra soft material behind provides optimal wear comfort - The perfect companion for every day thanks to the opaque fabric on the back   90% polyamid,10% elastan

  7. EVIDENCE - Spacer Bra

    - Spacer bra - Conjures a beautiful, rounded shape for a sensuous balcony effect - An innovation in Chantelle: spacer 3D cups covered with tulle - Both a refined and extremely light product - In the entire length, adjustable strap   90% polyamid,10% elastan

  8. EVIDENCE - Tanga

    - Thong, highlight of the series: - Lace incorporated under the striped tulle that also compliments the cut leg - Amore feminine and comfortable thong   90% polyamid,10% elastan

  9. HEDONA - Middle Strap Bra

    - Middle strap bra - Lends an optimal natural curvature and well-shaped silhouette - Firm fabric offers comfort, hold and invisibility   75%polyamid, 25%elastan

  10. HEDONA - Slip

    - Slip, opaque - Especially for women that want support on the belly and bottom   75% polyamid,25% elastan


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