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Sheikha-Shopping was established end of 2010 in Dubai. We are a highly motivated team of young and experienced fashion lovers that try our best to deliver a real royal service to our customers. Our focus lies on the modern Muslima that loves to shop high quality products without compromising on her faith.

However even though our base is in the UAE we have customers all over the world and are happy to ship worldwide too.



At Sheikha-Shopping you should get a feeling of shopping in an exclusive, reliable and high quality webshop, because you are our Sheikha. What do we do to make this happen for you?

→ First of all we try our best to provide you with an exclusive customer care service. So no matter what comes to your mind or what questions you have please shot us an email to or give us a call +971-(0)55 3720810 and we will be happy to help you as much as we can.

→ Good value for your money. Our products are of high quality, so no cheap, no China at all! Our Abaya are handmade in Dubai with high quality fabric, our handbags, wallets, … are authentic, so original. Again no cheap, no China!

→ No compromise on your faith. The cosmetics we sell are halal, organic or 100 % natural. We know that it is important to not conflicting with your faith.

→ Fast delivery. Of course you wanna have your order as soon as possible. We ship with express courier only and it should not take longer than 2 working days maximum for national shipments (if it takes longer please complain to our boss, just kidding, don t do that :-)).

→ We keep you up to date. Meaning we have a blog, facebook and twitter page. So we update you with fashion news, interesting articles, tips,… on a regular basis.

And of course there is much more we do in the background in order to make all this working and to make you happy. But we better stop here as you are probably not here for reading a whole book.

So simply enjoy shopping with us and have a great day!

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